Teacher’s Harvest Kickoff Inventory & Reminders

Items available at Kickoff MAY include the following based on supply and space. As always at Teacher’s Harvest, our inventory is 100% donation based. Stock will vary throughout the week.

A few reminders for Kickoff:

• We will be very busy that week. Both staff and volunteers will be doing the best we can to make things move quickly. Your patience and good manners will be much appreciated.

• Keep in mind that during Kickoff we will not be able to respond to calls, Facebook posts/messages, or emails until the end of each day.

• You may shop ONE time during the week of Kickoff. You MUST bring a photo ID and proof of employment that states your position. Pay stubs will not be accepted.

• You may NOT leave children unsupervised in your vehicle or outside while you wait/shop. Older children do not count as supervision. Your children are welcome to accompany you while shopping. Additionally, no pets are allowed on the premises (including left in your vehicle).

After Kickoff:

• Teacher’s Harvest will reopen on Saturday, August 5 from 9:30 am – 12 pm.

• We will resume normal operating hours the following week: Tuesday and Thursday from 3-6 pm.

• PLEASE note that our shopping visit policy has changed. Teachers may shop ONCE per calendar month. Participating in Kickoff will not count toward your allotted monthly shopping visits.