Farm to Family

1 in 4 people in South Georgia struggle with hunger, including 1 in 3 area children. Seniors and working parents whose budgets have been squeezed by the economic downtown are increasingly turning to local charities and ministries to help make ends meet. At the same time, manufacturing donations to food banks like Second Harvest have dropped which leaves a substantial gap between what families need and what we have to offer.

Sometimes no matter how carefully farmers plan, they are faced with surplus crops; and sometimes ordinary families are faced with hard times and can’t put food on the table. That’s where our Farm to Family program helps. We pick up surplus produce from South Georgia farmers and packing sheds and distribute it to families and individuals in need.

Last year, we distributed more than 3 million pounds of fruits and vegetables to those in need through our other programs, our network of partner agencies, and the Feeding America network. That’s produce that would’ve otherwise gone to waste that was put to good use – to feed children and families who couldn’t otherwise afford it.  Farmers know better than anyone how bad times can hit unexpectedly. Farm to Family is about helping people helping people, and sharing food is one of the most basic acts of kindness we can show.

(It’s not only good for the community but good for your business. We can help you cut disposal costs, reduce waste and you may receive a tax benefit.)

If you’re interested in donating produce or learning more, please email us [email protected] or call:

Trent Matthews  –  (229) 469-7522 or (229) 539-4025

Will Robinson – (229) 563-6133