Feeding Our Community

dep sec of ag (Medium)
The Deputy Secretary for the United States Department of Agriculture, Krysta Harden, paid us a visit on Saturday, August 9 to see first hand what a manna drop was like. She went to an old dirt road in Valdosta, rolled up her sleeves and distributed food to those in need. She talked to people that came to pick up food to get their back story. She even talked to a few employees that work with Second Harvest to see what inspired them to work at the food bank. Everyone has their own unique story from an experience at a manna drop.

Manna drops provide those in need with both non-perishable items such as canned food and perishable items such as produce, dairy, and bread. We utilize our specialty truck (purchased through a Kraft vehicle grant several years ago) to set up a mobile food pantry in areas of greatest need where residents may not have transportation to visit the traditional food pantry. This program is particularly effective in migrant camp areas where residents, due to the transitory nature of the population, are not knowledgeable of the services available in the area.

Manna drops are a way for us to go out to the community and help people that might not have a way of transportation to get to the store or food pantry. This brings people together and forms a community. We do manna drops in different locations in our 30 counties. No matter where they take place you can rely on the people to be patient and grateful.