Volunteer Spotlight: Mission Change

mission-changeVolunteer Spotlight: Mission Change

This week’s Volunteer Spotlight falls on Mission Change from Albany.  This grassroots, volunteer-driven organization is dedicated to creating awareness and taking action to issues that speak to the core of humanity.  They serve all those in need, from the homeless and food insecure to underserved inner-city youth and those battling with substance abuse.  Mission Change has been making a huge impact on our community since 2009

Through the Monthly Missions program volunteers are given an opportunity to work directly with those in need in our community, frequently pairing them with Second Harvest of South Georgia.

Mission Change also uses the Kids Café program through Second Harvest to serve the children in their after-school program called The Village After-School Experience. Through this partnership, the youth of Albany’s McIntosh Housing project are served a healthy snack and meal every evening after school. We can’t overstate the importance of these kids getting proper nutrition every day so they can do their best in school and become productive, successful adults.

Mission Change is determined to help all of those in need. They accept people from all walks-of-life and it is this core value that drives them to make our community a better place. Second Harvest of South Georgia is a proud partner of Mission Change, and we thank them for their service. Together we can #EndHunger in South Georgia.

LaDonna Urick, the organization’s CEO and Co-Founder, leaves us with these words, “Anyone can serve. Any age, any race, any economic status can reach out to anyone in need and make a difference in the life of one person who is suffering from any need that is not being met. I truly believe that serving your community is one of the most rewarding things that you can do in your life, especially starting at a young age. Not only being rewarding, but watching your community change because you cared enough to step out of your comfort zone and into the lives of someone in need… it’s an incredible feeling to be part of something positive. We call that ‘changing the world from your backyard!’

To learn more about Mission Change visit www.missionchange.com.  To volunteer with Second Harvest, contact us at [email protected].