Tell Congress to Keep Child Feeding Programs Flexible!

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to feeding kids – especially in rural areas and given the challenges of pandemic and the supply chain.  At the start of COVID-19, Congress gave the United States Department of Agriculture the authority to issue waivers to mitigate major problems facing nutrition program sponsors like non-profits and schools.  Without those, we would not have been able to respond as we did – reaching children in need across South Georgia.  

For example, these waivers allowed us to substitute white bread for wheat or 2% milk for skim if we were unable to source the required components.  They also allow us to offer meals “grab & go” instead of requiring kids to congregate to eat on site.  These waivers made it possible for us to double the number of meals and snacks we served.  

That waiver authority will expire soon, but the issues we are facing will not.  Program sponsors like Second Harvest and even our local school systems need these waivers to be extended in order to continue to feed children.  A bipartisan piece of legislation (HR 6613) has been introduced to extend this authority.

Please contact your Member of Congress today and let them know you want to keep kids’ meals flexible.  Ask them to support HR 6613.

To find out who your congressman is, click HERE.

Georgia Senators:

Senator Jon Ossoff: (202) 224-3521  EMAIL   Facebook   Twitter

Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock: (202) 224-3643    EMAIL  Facebook  Twitter


House of Representatives: South Georgia

Representative Rick Allen: (202) 225-2823    EMAIL   Facebook   Twitter
Representative Sanford Bishop: (202) 225-3631   EMAIL   Facebook   Twitter
Representative Buddy Carter: (202) 834-0386    EMAIL   Facebook   Twitter
Representative Austin Scott: (202) 225-6531   EMAIL   Facebook   Twitter