Volunteer Spotlight: Candelarios and Allbrittons

This week’s Volunteer Spotlight falls on two families dedicated to making a difference. The two homeschooling families, the Candelarios and the Allbrittons, have been teaming up for the past 6 years to build a better community.

Once a week the Candelarios and Allbrittons spend time volunteering and giving back, frequently using Second Harvest as their job site. “Being homeschooled our families have a more flexible schedule that allows us to work together to volunteer,” said Beth Candelario. “As a mother I think it is crucial to teach our children the value of volunteering and to give them the opportunity to do something positive.”

These amazing families not only put forth the effort but they also truly enjoy their time spent volunteering. “Anything can be fun if you do it the right way,” said Lois Allbritton, “Working at Second Harvest is so fun because you can tell the people there care about their work and helping others.”

The Candelarios and Allbrittons are major contributors to our volunteer efforts.  They come to Second Harvest nearly 3 times a month to sort products, clean up the warehouse, and pack boxes for food distribution. They especially enjoy helping with the Teachers Harvest program.

“Second Harvest is a wonderful place to volunteer, it’s a central place for the people of this community to receive help,” said Beth.

Thank you Candelario and Allbritton family for setting a positive example and making an effort to help our community be a better place. Together we can #EndHunger in South Georgia.