Second Harvest of South Georgia

Why We Gather

Why We Gather

When we gather, everyone has a place at the table.

The true measure of a community is found in the care it shows for its most vulnerable members. Just imagine what it would mean for our communities to know that all our children have the opportunity for their brightest futures and that every senior has what they need to enjoy the golden years they’ve worked so hard to earn.

However, the need in South Georgia continues to grow. With the rates of inflation, food insecurity, and natural disasters on the rise, we ask you to gather together with us to ensure that everyone in our area has access to food.

Be part of our $25 million campaign to support our neighbors.

We can achieve more together. That’s why we’re inviting our neighbors across South Georgia to join us today as we embark on an ambitious $25 million campaign to build a new facility that will meet the needs of our region for decades to come. We have the opportunity for a once-in-a-generation impact.

With facilities designed around Second Harvest of South Georgia’s unique strengths and the distinct challenges our region faces, our impact will grow exponentially. By improving efficiencies and increasing our capacities, we can feed more people more often. We can establish a much-needed senior meals program. We can distribute more fresh food—and support our local farmers at the same time. We can be an even richer resource for resilience in the face of disasters like Hurricane Idalia. This campaign is about more than building a new warehouse. It’s about dramatically enhancing our ability to respond to increasingly complex needs and expanding the ways we serve our communities.

With Your Help, Here's What We Can Do

Build the space needed to effectively address hunger in South Georgia

Expand our programs to strengthen the region’s critical social infrastructure and economy

Respond to our increasingly frequent natural disaster

Will You Gather With Us?

Find out more about Why We Gather and how the new Second Harvest of South Georgia facility will impact our entire community.

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